Human Resources

Our goal in the recruitment process is to determine the position and the most suitable candidate for the company. Applications received through other existing channels, as well as applications for announced positions, are collected in a pool for evaluation by the IK Department, and then the candidates who are left to the final qualifier are called for an interview.

Job and Internship Applications

In our company, internship opportunities are offered for university students in summer. For this purpose, a choice is made taking into account the institutional needs. According to their technical competence, the personnel are assigned to the appropriate unit.


Egem Metal administrative and technical staff; The Quality Management System is subjected to theoretical and practical training within the specified time within the framework of process, procedure, instruction and technical service manuals.

Career Form

You can apply for a job by downloading and filling out the following excel CV file.

Applications that do not send a CV file will not be considered.

Upload your resume Maximum File Size 1MB Excel File